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How do I achieve the best possible print quality?
File Name Conventions
Will you fix my images before printing?
What does the Image Quality Rating % actually mean?
Will sending tiff files give me better prints than jpegs?
Is custom print sizing available?
What kind of computer do I need to make a book?
Will my pictures and pages be cropped?
Minimum Order Requirements


How do I achieve the best possible print quality?

To achieve professional standard prints through Picpress we recommend you follow these guidelines:

Camera Settings:

  • Fine setting          -  SRGB color space              - High Resolution
  • JPG                      -  Custom white balance
  • We also recommend using a 3:2 aspect ratio

(this ratio is considered a normal setting in most digital SLR cameras)

Setting your camera this way will ensure correct file sizes for printing with us.
Note: You can crop and adjust your files within the cloud software.

File Specifications:

  • Image files must be submitted in SRGB JPEG format 300dpi
  • 25mg or below is highly recommended
  • The software will automatically assess files for quality via a % rating
  • Please remember that different paper stocks print differently, so adjust your files accordingly
  • For ALL products please ensure you leave at least a 3-6mm bleed (further information can be located in HELP “file and computer requirements”)
  • A swatch sample is sent upon registration and Colour management information is located in our help files


File Name Conventions

What are the requirements for naming my files?

Our software will only accept file names up to 24 characters long. Please be aware that should your file name be longer than this, it will be cut off at this point and the shortened name will then be printed on the back of the image. Please also avoid using special symbols.

Will you fix my images before printing?

No, the service is designed to work from your files as supplied to us. You may use our monitor calibration information in the colour management as a guide. Colour correction is available for an additional fee.

What does the Image Quality Rating % actually mean?

This rating gives you an indication of how well your image will print at the size selected.  It is to be used as a guide only.  We suggest that a rating above 50% is acceptable.  If your image returns a rating lower than 50% we recommend that you select a smaller print size for that image. .

Will sending tiff files give me better prints than jpegs?

The simple answer is no. It is nearly impossible to tell by eye a print made from a tiff or a high quality jpeg.

Is custom print sizing available?

Our printers are limited to standard print sizes only.

What kind of computer do I need to make a book?

Any PC or Mac computer made in the past 2 years and connected to the internet will be capable of running this software. Of course, the software will run faster on a faster machine with more RAM.

Will my pictures and pages be cropped?

Yes. All products require some final trimming of pages (up to 5mm from every side), so they can be neatly finished. Be careful of critical image detail left on the edge of your pages. The area that may be trimmed is referred to as ‘bleed’. See below for more information.



Minimum Order Requirements?

Any digital file, negative or positive submitted to create a finished quality print.
Finished printing is available in mixed sizes as Direct Outputs or Autoprints only. Minimum order costs may apply. Only one media type per order.

Direct Outputs
$10.00 minimum per order

This service option is selected by the client to provide a quality Finished print from digital files.

Direct Output services allow you to order and receive your prints quickly and economically. Service times vary by service levels chosen. Image files submitted for finished printing must be in accordance with Nulab’s Digital Specifications or additional charges may apply to make your files ready to print. Print sizes can vary within one order, but only one media type may be selected per order. Direct Outputs allow you to have full control over your image size, quantity and cropping.

PLEASE NOTE: Cropping is from optical centre if not in the same ratio as the print size ordered.

3 service levels are offered

  • Print “As Is” (No Corrections)
  • Individual Colour Corrections
  • PSD Corrections

Retouching services may be added to any service level with appropriate costs/time applied in addition to the selected service. Standard and infinite custom print sizes are available up to 30” paper. See print sizing for more information. Prints over 30 inch wide are avialbale . Prints on 50 inch paper are avialble several times per week.

No minimum order
Any negative/file submitted for printing to Nulab that has not been prepared as per File Specification guidelines or submitted as “listed” items for the lab to print.

This Service puts the responsibility for the final print onto Nulab. Negatives/files are corrected to Nulab Lab skin tone standards. Prints can be ordered as Standard or Custom Prints and can be mixed within one order. Each file is colour corrected individually.

Manipulation of the file in Photoshop is NOT included and must be requested as a Retouching Service.

Standard Autoprint – image is printed as received masked, and to the size and specifications marked on the negative card or as submitted electronically in file form. Scanning of negative is included in the costs.

Custom Autoprint - image is printed other than the standard area cropped on negative card or as file submitted. 
Cropping must be requested in writing or indicated on supplied proof. Scanning of the negative is included in the cost. If left to the discretion of the lab, cropping will be done at industry standards and redo’s will not be accepted. Burning and / or dodging must be requested as a Retouching Service and is not automatically included in the cost of an autoprint.

Pic  A Pac

$30.00 minimum order for Pic-A-Pac prints and only 1 file per template. Please note cropping ratios within packs may vary. Crop your file to fit all variable crops in your chosen package.

Digital Previews

Digital Previews are of 14 fixed sizes and have a minimum order of 36 prints. 


For current pricing please read our pricelist.