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How do I get started?

It takes just a few minutes to complete the registration form on the Join Us page. Once your application is processed you will receive a confirmation email containing your log-in details and the coupon code for your welcome offer.  If this email does not hit your inbox within a few hours please check your junk/spam folder as it may have been filtered into there.

The “fair usage” principle applies when using Nulab services, extra charges may apply to packaging if deemed necessary.


Prints and Enlargements

What paper types are available for photographic prints?

Lustre paper is a cross between a matt and glossy paper and is one of the highest quality papers within the printing industry.

Photo Gloss paper has the true look and feel of a professional glossy photographic print.

Photo Matte paper is matt laminated to give a true matt finish. Matt prints desaturate the overall look and feel of the print.

Metallic paper adds a unique flair to your photographs. A high contrast 'chrome on paper' look, metallic paper adds extreme vibrancy to colours giving your image greater details and depth.

Art Paper is a finely textured paper that feels slightly rough to the fingertip.

Oyster Pearl Paper is a pearlescent paper that adds a 'shimmer' to your images.



Estimated Processing Times

Please note the below estimated service times do not include delivery.

Lustre, Gloss and Matte prints 1-2 working days
Metallic, Art paper and Oyster Pearl prints 3-5 working days (printed once a week on Friday)
Acrylic Blocks 2 working days
Acrylic Mounts 7-10 working days
Calendars 5 working days
Canvas Wraps and Panels 6 working days
Framed Canvas Panels 11 working days
Cards, flat and folded 5 working days
Corporate Products 5 working days
Event Printing 4-5 working days
Framing 10 working days
Mounting 5 working days
Photo books 5-10 working days
Photo Cut-outs 10 working days
Photo Gifts 5 working days
Pic a Pacs 4 working days
Portrait Boxes 2 working days
Signage POS 5-10 working days
Stick-On Prints 10 working days

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Which colour space is required?

All of our printers work in sRGB colour space, so working in a larger colour space will not offer any real advantage in printing. We recommend that you set your entire workflow into the same colour space from your camera to your chosen editing program through to printing.


File and Computer Requirements

How do I achieve the best possible print quality?

To achieve professional standard prints through Nulab we recommend you follow these guidelines:

Camera settings:

Fine setting sRGB colour space High resolution
JPEG Custom white balance  


Setting your camera this way will ensure correct file sizes for printing with us.

File preparation:
All files must be submitted in sRGB JPEG

300 DPI in the desired print size


Allow the Nulab CLOUD software to provide you with a % rating regarding the quality of your file and use the edit icon to adjust or crop your uploaded image to the print outcome you require. You can crop and adjust your files within the cloud software.

Please ensure you leave a 3mm bleed.

All products require some final trimming of pages (up to 3mm from every side), so they can be neatly finished. Be careful of critical image detail left on the edge of your pages. The area that may be trimmed is referred to as ‘bleed’. 

CLOUD COLOUR HELP: http://nulab.com.au/help/cloud-help#colour
NuDE COLOUR HELP: http://nulab.com.au/help/nude-help

Will sending tiff files give me better prints than jpegs?

The simple answer is no. It is nearly impossible to tell by eye a print made from a tiff or a high quality jpeg.