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Nulab Digital Express Installation and Use

Nulab Digital Express is a powerful cross platform application utilising the Java framework. It has been designed from the ground up to enable you to effortlessly submit your orders from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Our software interfaces with many studio applications such as StudioPlus, JAD, Timestone, Proselect and TDA to name a few. We are always enhancing our software so you can enjoy the benefits of a streamlined workflow.
To install the software you need a current 6 character client code, if you are not currently a client please click here to register. If you have lost your code please contact customer service.
We are sure you will enjoy using the Nulab Digital Express and reap the benefits of having more time to spend on your business.


Acting on suggestions from our clients, we have gone back to the drawing board and re-developed the software to create a much smoother workflow for placement of orders. There is now a simple step-by-step process to collect information about your order, and guide you along the way. You will find that Nulab Digital Express is very quick to install, and easy to use.

Key Enhancements

    • • Step-by-step, wizard-like ordering
    • • Thumbnail preview of images
    • • Image cropping and save function
    • • Enhanced retouching specification and support




Nulab Digital Express relies on the Java Run-time Environment for its functionality. You will need to have the current version of Java installed on your system to run our software.

Please visit Sun web site to install Java on your system.

Java is an industry standard, cross platform, and free web based language that is supported by all current browsers and operating systems.

Windows Users

  • Click here to install Nulab Digital Express. Select 'OPEN FILE' if prompted by your browser. Answer YES to the certificate warning. Answer YES to shortcuts. If prompted to update Java, go ahead and complete this process, as the JSE Runtime Environment 5.0 or later is required by Nulab Digital Express.
  • • Check configuration information by clicking the box and then clicking NEXT. Enter the Configuration details you previously copied/printed from the OPTIONS -> SETUP SCREEN.


Mac Users

  • • Open your web browser and go to http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/java/ . Download the latest version of Java if it is not already installed on your computer.
  • Click here to install Nulab Digital Express. Select 'OPEN FILE' if prompted by your browser. Answer YES to the certificate warning. Answer YES to shortcuts.
  • • Check configuration information by clicking the box and then clicking NEXT. Enter the configuration details you previously copied/printed from the OPTIONS -> SETUP SCREEN.



If you are used to using the former Nulab Digital Order Form, the same configuration settings should be used, as indicated above. Nulab Digital Express will automatically pick up your internet settings from your computer. However, if you connect to the internet via a proxy server within your local area network, you will need to enter that information in the appropriate fields.
When first installing the software or making changes in the future, you may need to setup or alter your configuration options. This step may or may not automatically start during the first time you run the application. However, it is best to confirm these settings prior to placing your first order. Contact customer service if you are unsure of the correct settings to use.

Placing Your Orders

Please click here to download a help sheet in PDF format (2mb) for some easy to follow instructions. Placing your order is a process of simple steps. Please follow the steps carefully and you should have no difficulty. However, as always, please call or email our friendly customer service team if any assistance is required.

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Toll Overnight Service is an overnight delivery service to most metro and country destinations. Prices vary depending on size, weight, quantity and location and start at $17.50 for a parcel up to 5kg. IMPORTANT: Please note that if there is no-one in attendance to receive the delivery the courier will charge a re-delivery fee which will be passed onto you. Toll Overnight Service allows your order to be tracked.

New Zealand

The charge for orders up to 3kg (or a maximum size of 2.5”x20”x24”) is $23.00*. The charge for items exceeding 3kg is calculated depending on size and weight measurements of the package. Shipping prices are subject to change without notification.

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Minimum Order Requirements

Any digital file, negative or positive submitted to create a finished quality print. Finished printing is available in mixed sizes as Direct Outputs or Autoprints only. Minimum order costs may apply. Only one media type per order.

Direct Outputs: $10.00 minimum per order

This service option is selected by the client to provide a quality finished print from digital files.

Direct Output services allow you to order and receive your prints quickly and economically. Service times vary by service levels chosen. Image files submitted for finished printing must be in accordance with Nulab’s Digital Specifications or additional charges may apply to make your files ready to print. Print sizes can vary within one order, but only one media type may be selected per order. Direct Outputs allow you to have full control over your image size, quantity and cropping.

PLEASE NOTE: Cropping is from optical centre if not in the same ratio as the print size ordered.

3 service levels are offered

  • • Print “As Is” (No Corrections)
  • • Individual Colour Corrections
  • • PSD Corrections


Retouching services may be added to any service level with appropriate costs/time applied in addition to the selected service. Standard and infinite custom print sizes are available up to 30” paper. See print sizing for more information. Prints over 30 inch wide are avialbale . Prints on 50 inch paper are avialble several times per week.

Pic A Pacs: $30.00 minimum per order

Only one file per template. Please note: cropping ratios within packs may vary. Crop your file to fit all variable crops in your chosen package.

Digital Previews

Digital Previews are of 14 fixed sizes and have a minimum order of 36 prints.

For current pricing please read our pricelist.

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