Level 2_Cert_smallerNulab Group is proud to announce that we are the only professional photo lab in Australia to be awarded the Printing Industry Association’s Sustainable Green Print Level 2 certification.

We all have responsibilities in regards to environmental sustainability and Nulab Group is no different. This year, we have been working towards achieving the Printing Industry Association’s Sustainable Green Print Level II Certification and we are pleased to say that we have now been audited and have successfully achieved this level.

The criteria for accreditation involved attaining benchmarks in the areas of recycling of waste, correct storage of chemicals and spill prevention and the monitoring and reducing energy use where possible. We have had to introduce additional measures and adopt new technology within our production area to reach the required standards. As part of this ongoing process, we are required to continually monitor and work on areas in which we can further improve our processes.

You can rest assured that we are constantly working to minimise our environmental impact through improved printing processes, monitored energy use and increased recycling of wastes. With our new technology, there are no metals or chemicals to dispose to the environment.

We have proven our ongoing commitment to sustainability in order to provide a cleaner and greener future. Print with integrity!




Nulab Group will continue to be leaders and innovators in the digital printing world by developing award winning products.


Nulab will achieve this through the continuous improvement of workflow and adoption of new and innovative technologies and materials to maintain accuracy and timeliness of delivery of over 99% whilst further reducing our environmental footprint and delivering a great value proposition for our customers.



Developing opportunities to be a leader in a resource constrained and low carbon economy.


Continued development of our efficient and paperless convenient workflow to deliver quality products that will save our customers time and money whilst educating our customers on our sustainability initiatives to grow business opportunities .


Continual development of our staff skills so they can make a difference to our customers and society in general.


Harness our skills and capability to support selected charities in fund raising activities through the development of innovative initiatives and contribution of our resources and time.


Continuing to reduce our carbon emissions, paper and water usage, waste and landfill to reduce our environmental footprint.